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“This stuff is incredible! It came just in time for a big family boating trip and the ladies in my family was so jealous of my tan! :) They still think that I have been going to a tanning bed. I couldn't convince them otherwise because my tan was so amazing."
Immaculate, Jeffersonville, IN
“I was so impressed with how easy it went on without streaks and no orange tint! Love it! I am looking forward to having a natural summer glow all year round!! Thanks LotionTan!”
-Erin, Yelm, WA
“it smells sooo good :) I love it.”
-Sapphire, Facebook
“Tried it and it works great!!! Went on very easy, and was definitely not orange. I looked like I had a summer glow! Hope you all got your sample and give it a try!”
-Susan, Facebook
“This stuff is great! It feels like a premium quality lotion, and I love the color.”
-Raul, Tampa, FL
“What another amazing product! The results are great! I saw color within a few hours and it’s such a nice after sun color (not the orange spray tan look).”
-Samantha, Facebook
“I have tried your new lotion line, I really do like the product especially the clear, which is terrific on my face. (I find clear works best on my face) – I also like the scent…it smells nice … Thanks for letting me try this.”
–Vicki, Dover, AR
“I was pleasantly surprised by this product! I wasn't orange. I didn't have the darker spots near my wrists or ankles, like I have with other lotions. My only suggestion would be to definitely wear gloves when applying it, it does stain the hands a bit. Other than that, I give it 4 stars! Great Product!!”
–Tara, Queensbury, NY
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